S2K's manufacturing applications provide everything you need to control all aspects of your business. From work order processing to production scheduling, shop floor control and job tracking, S2K's manufacturing does it all. In addition, the flexibility of each application will assure an exact fit for any manufacturing environment.

Manufacturing orders can be created as make-to-stock, make-to-order, or they can be entered as planned manufacturing orders. Make-to-order transactions can be entered directly through the sales order entry process where an order can be personalized to the customer's exact needs. Using the product configurator, the order can be customized using features and options.

For make-to-stock transactions, the S2K manufacturing orders process allows the user to create work orders for finished assembly or sub-assembly items. With S2K's unlimited level bills of material, each work order created will display the components, subassemblies, and item availability. Where components are short, S2K will suggest purchase orders. The manufacturing order will print the routing operations, components required, as well as any necessary instructions. The production scheduling system will alert the user to over scheduling orders and produce graphs, displays, and reports. The user can view the schedule by department, work center, and/or machine and may choose to include demand from firm orders, soft orders (quotes), and planned orders. A variety of inquiries display the status of the work order, open and completed operations, and complete production history including actual vs. standard cost analysis. Shop floor data collection is also supported. Reporting against the work order is simple in S2K. Just verify the material issues and labor times in order to calculate the actual cost and close the work order.

S2K's Manufacturing Module also provides for Material Requirements Planning (MRP). The MRP system is tightly integrated with the Customer Orders, Inventory, Sales Analysis (Forecasting), Purchasing, and Manufacturing modules of S2K, and is sensitive to company and location (plant) specific criteria.

MRP analyzes the existing on-hand position of an item, open purchase orders, open manufacturing orders (including planned, stock, and custom orders), open commitments (open customer orders, future orders, and standing orders), the sales forecast, and then produces a balance.

This analysis can be viewed on-line daily, weekly, or monthly by selecting the appropriate option. Complete pegging is supported allowing the user to view critical data such as when purchase orders are due, when manufacturing orders are due to be completed, and the actual customer orders making up the commitments of an item.

Combining our powerful customer service, inventory management, purchasing, and financial applications with S2K's manufacturing capabilities creates the elements for success in any discrete or process manufacturing environment.

Manufacturing Features

  • Planned Order Entry
  • Alternate Routing Options
  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • User Defined Reporting
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Department/Work Center/Machine Scheduling
  • Hard/Soft/Planned Demand
  • Multi Plant
  • Bill Of Materials Effectivity Dates
  • Outside Operation Grouping
  • Unlimited Level Bill Of Materials
  • Price/Quantity Explosion
  • Component Availability
  • Time Line Item Availability
  • Full-Screen Editing
  • Real Time Updating
  • Master Production Schedule
  • Production Scheduling
  • Manufacturing Routing
  • Automatic Work Order Creation From Sales Orders
  • Bill Of Material Edit At Sales Order And Work Order Entry
  • Suggested Purchase Order For Components
  • Component Usage Inquiry
  • Component And Labor Costing
  • Actual Or Standard Labor Costing
  • Work In Process Tracking
  • Production Inquiry Analysis
  • Suggested Work Order Creation
  • Historical Analysis
  • Routing Operations And Bill Of Material Can Be Modified For Special Order
  • Work Orders Linked To Sales Orders
  • Employee Labor Reporting
  • Outside Operations Tracking
  • Lot Control/Tracking
  • Shop Floor Control
  • Scrap Entry & Analysis
  • Machine Efficiency Analysis
  • Tool Tracking
  • Substitute Items
  • Component Where Used Inquiry
  • Costed Bill Of Material Inquiry
  • Work Load Analysis
  • Shop Floor Data Collection
  • Material Requirements Reporting
  • Transaction Analysis
  • Cost Comparison Inquiry
  • Cost Comparison Reports