S2K Enterprise for Retail

Consumers expect more from retailers than ever before. With Retail/Max from VAI transforming your retail business into an e-business goes well beyond helping you set up shop online. Retail/Max provides a complete solution for the Retail industry including Point-of-Sale, Back Office Accounting, Inventory Management, and e-commerce. By centralizing information across your entire organization, you're empowered to locate and move items more effectively, eliminate costly delays, and make more informed decisions.

Retail Max – Point of Sale

S2K Retail Max provides a flexible point-of-sale solution that combines the speed and ease of use of Retail applications with the features and power of an integrated Enterprise system. This dynamic application is effective for both walk-in or on-account sales and provides complete integration with purchasing for special orders and direct shipments. With complete bar code scanning and an optional touch screen interface, users can access information at the touch of a key. Serial numbers can be scanned to track warranty items and item images can be displayed for easy identification. Users can check stock across all locations, view substitutions, complimentary items, and unlimited user defined item specifications. Additional features include; password protection for returns and price changes, sales rep tracking and cash drawer reconciliation.

Financial Management

S2K's financial modules provide complete integration with Retail Max and give you the information needed to tighten control over payables and receivables, improve cash flow, and react to business cycles. Accounts payable provides a three-way match of purchase orders, receipts and invoices, and conditional email options alert buyers of accounts payable invoice discrepancies. Global customer aging inquiries and collection reminders take the guess work out of follow-up and collection calls, and conditional e-mail options alert managers of customer credit issues as they happen. All transactions post to the General Ledger and includes detail account drill-down capabilities to view specific transaction history. The comprehensive “Information Center” provides a snap-shot of the overall financial status of the company and the financial report writer allows users to create an unlimited number of financial reports based on user defined parameters.

Sales Analysis

Information is one of your company’s most valuable assets. To make smart decisions you need real time access to information, comprehensive sorting options for exception reporting, and the ability to drill down or up through multiple levels of data. System 2000’s Sales Analysis application provides all this and much more. This dynamic application will help you measure sales volumes, costs and quantity usage and spot seasonal or recurring trends in your business. With this information, you can quickly identify profitable or unprofitable customers and items and improve vendor and customer relations based on volumes, costs and profitability.

Inventory Management

System 2000’s Inventory Management features will help your company maintain optimum inventory levels, automate the purchasing process and dramatically improve product fulfillment to your customers. Advanced formulas analyze seasonal trends, erratic demand, vendor lead times, and cost discounts to create suggested purchase orders for both centralized and distributed environments. User defined fields allow for powerful searching and immediate access to detailed product information and history. On-the-water boat tracking and inter-location transfers allow you to track product movement, while cycle counting features confirm that your inventory counts are accurate.


There is no more dynamic area of business today than e-business. It is, quite literally, changing the way all business is done. S2K for the Web is a suite of applications that provides true web “store front” and customer service capabilities for business-to-business and/or business-to-consumer environments. This exciting application includes such features as; product searching, ad banners and promotions display, customer sign-in, product availability, detailed product descriptions, thumbnail and full sized images, shopping cart status, electronic check-out and credit card authorization. The more quickly and efficiently your enterprise incorporates e-business solutions, the more effectively you can begin to reap e-business benefits. Benefits that can provide increased opportunities, dramatic growth and significant profits.

Customer Service

Use Kiosk technology to provide self service centers that allow customers to browse inventory, check availability and place orders. Blend brick and mortar locations with your network and Web site without adding a single square foot to your store!

Use PC and Wireless technologies to provide unsurpassed customer service. Give your sales staff access to key information for quick personalized service whether they are working in the store or out in the field!