Purchasing Software

The S2K Enterprise Purchasing Software application is designed to facilitate and simplify the purchase order procedure. Purchasing can update orders and receipts of inventory, updating the quantities on order and on hand in the inventory control program. Invoice information is automatically transferred to accounts payable.

Purchasing allows warehouse personnel to check goods received against goods ordered, using the vendor's invoice to confirm prices, discounts and terms. Invoice quantities can be compared to receipts and help prevent shortages and improper billings that may cost you business and money.

The suggested order report can assist buyers by providing a list of individual items that should be ordered due to customer back orders or due to minimum stock requirements. The receipt of inventory items automatically produces a back order release report showing what orders can now be filled. With purchase orders, your personnel will be able to make better purchasing decisions and insure a balanced inventory.


  • Drop-Ship Orders Selected direct-ship customer orders will automatically create suggested purchase orders for quick processing of direct-ship orders. Customer order information will be retrieved directly from the customer orders module.
  • Inventory Integration Items ordered and received are posted directly to the inventory control module. The status of open purchase orders and receipts can be displayed for each item.
  • Customer Order/Purchase Order Link Purchase orders can be assigned to specific customer, and line items can be assigned to a specific customer order for tracking special orders.
  • Multiple Warehouse Purchase orders and receipts can be entered for multiple warehouse locations.
  • Automatic Invoice Posting Invoices entered in purchase orders will automatically be posted to the accounts payable module.
  • Automatic Invoice Verification Automatic invoice verification compares receipt quantities with invoiced quantities to ensure proper billing.
  • Partial Receipts Processing Purchase orders may be left open until all items are received. Specific line items may be canceled at any time.
  • Vendor Additions New vendors can be added to the accounts payable master file during purchase order entry.
  • Vendor Search Vendor window search by name or number eliminates the need to refer to printed lists for vendor numbers.
  • Non-Stock Items Non-stock items can be entered in purchase orders for items not kept in inventory.
  • Detail Purchase Order History Detailed purchase order and receipt information by vendor and item is saved for review and analysis.
  • General Ledger Posting General ledger posting is done automatically from purchase orders.
  • Purchase Order Inquiry Purchase order inquiry allows users to view purchase orders and receipts by vendor, item and purchase order number.
  • Suggested Purchase Orders Suggested purchase orders can be created for review based on economic order quantity calculations or minimum stock requirements.
  • Gordon Graham Calculations System 2000’s Suggested Purchase Order System uses Gordon Graham formulas to calculate EOQ, order point, safety stock and suggested order quantity.
  • Unusual Usage/Lead Time Flag Using user-defined percentages for unusual usage and lead time, the system will automatically flag the user if an unusual condition exists. Users can review and adjust average usage and lead time.
  • Comments User-defined comments for buyer, receiver and vendor can be added to each purchase order.
  • Unit of Measure Conversion The system will automatically convert purchasing unit of measure quantities to selling unit of measure quantities, based on user-defined conversion factors.
  • Blanket Orders You can place, release and track blanket and contract orders. Deliveries can be scheduled and released against the blanket or contract.
  • Serial Number Processing Serial number processing allows users to enter serial numbers during the receipt of items that require serial number tracking.
  • Vendor Performance Statistics Inquiries and reports may be displayed to help in reviewing vendor performance. All receipts are tracked individually and the information is summarized by vendor.
  • Purchase Order Returns Purchase order returns facilitates the return of damaged or overstocked items to the vendor they were purchased from.
  • Line Points The addition of line points to purchase orders assists your purchasing department in buying inventory at the most economical outgoing price. Factors such as item usage, item discounts, order discounts, carrying cost and inventory replenishment cost are all considered in making suggestions for purchasing.