Job Costing Software

The S2K Enterprise Job Cost features enable users to assign costs to specific jobs or tasks while providing the ability to budget, record and review the data by job or cost type across all jobs. Complete access to data is provided by on-line inquiries or reports. Costs to date can be extrapolated for comparison to budgeted amounts to highlight potential problem areas.


  • User-Defined Cost Code A six position alphanumeric field which can be assigned to any valid job.
  • Job Number/Cost Code Integration Costs can only be posted to defined job/cost code combinations. Costs can be budgeted by these combinations and accumulated to create a job budget. Default ledger numbers are assigned by these job/cost code combinations.
  • General Ledger Control General ledger accounts can be defined as Job Cost control accounts. The system will then require a valid job/cost code combination whenever the ledger number is used in the Job Costing modules. Ledger accounts which are not defined as Job Cost control accounts may not be used in job/cost code distributions.
  • Accounts Payable Invoice entry programs allow for the assignment of invoices to job/cost code combinations and their associated general ledger numbers.
  • Job Cost Adjustments A journal entry program is provided to allow line items to be assigned to valid job/cost code combinations.
  • Inventory Transfers A material transfer program is provided to allow for the transfer of inventory to valid job/cost code combinations.
  • Inquiry By job and all cost codes or by cost code for all jobs, displays from summary to detail for any selected job, cost code, cost code detail entries with cost projections on demand.
  • Reports Reports by jobs, cost codes and sources of entry.