Customer Relationship Management

Companies are heavily dependent on their sales force for survival. In order to survive, these teams need up to date contact information, easy to use communications tools, access to customer account information, inventory availability, customer sales history, order status, etc.

SalesLinx can provide all of those capabilities and much more. SalesLinx can automate the entire sales process from lead generation to lead distribution, from order processing to customer relationship management.

Users can log in every sales opportunity as "prospect" and then track these opportunities by sales rep, territory, class, and any other pertinent user defined information.

Generate new leads through the company web site - leads are then imported directly to the company database, the data is then replicated to your sales team for "standalone" access. Integrate your e-mail, calendar and to-do list with your database, and launch word processing programs directly from the SalesLinx application. Search a list of prospect according to standard or user defined fields, enter notes, schedule follow-up activity, and process orders.

Easy access to vital customer and inventory data puts the big picture on your big screen. Users can view customer account information, sales history, order status, inventory availability, pricing and more!

SalesLinx centralizes information and facilitates communications across your organization so that the sales team is working at maximum effectiveness all the time, whether they are working local or remote.

SalesLinx details every prospect and customer giving the marketing team the ability to know how, when and whom to contact at the core of the potential and existing business and establishes true one to one business practices.

Key Features:

  • Centralized customer and prospect database
  • Easy replication with S2K Enterprise database
  • Order and Quote Processing, Order Status Inquiry
  • Customer Shopping Lists and Order Templates
  • Gross Margin Calculator
  • Extended Notes, Follow-ups, and Action Lists
  • Word Processing and Email Integration
  • Customer Inquiry, Open Invoices, and Sales History
  • Inventory Status Inquiry, Price Lookup and Item Sales History