Accounting Software - Accounts Receivable

The S2K Enterprise Accounts Receivable module provides the information needed to tighten control over customer accounts, improve cash flow and react to business cycles. Exact recording of invoices, payments and adjustments for both open item and balance forward accounts will ensure accurate statement printing. Easy to read reports and inquiry screens will target problem areas, reduce bad debt, initiate early collection efforts and improve credit decisions.

With Accounts Receivable, our cash receipts entry program provides for multiple payment methods and complete on-line editing capabilities. For your credit department, extensive credit checking options with a facility to globally scan for dated collection reminders takes the guess work out of follow-up calls. With complete flexibility, customer statements can be adjusted to your formats, and with user-defined statement messages and dunning notices, you can print past due reminders for selected customers. If required, late charges can be added for specific past due invoices. Maintain bank balances or use an extensive database of collection statistics to produce cash flow projections.


  • Customer Search Customer search by name, salesman, telephone or zip code displays customer information and may be accessed whenever a customer number is required. Convenient windows eliminate the need to refer to printed lists to find customer numbers.
  • Credit Reasons The credit memo file tracks the reason for credit returns and has the ability to effect salesman commissions.
  • Closing Dates Closing dates are user-defined for a specific date for each period.
  • Cash Receipts Cash receipts allows posting to the oldest invoice or against specific invoices. All open invoices are displayed for easy invoice selection. There is even a pop-up window of the customer's aged receivable for reference.
  • Comments Unlimited comments allow on-line entry of notes during inquiry to aid users during collection.
  • User-Defined Aging Operators can set aging dates to be used in the aged trial balance reports.
  • Full-Screen Editing Full-screen editing and correction of customer charges and payments with data verification helps insure data has been entered correctly.
  • On-line Credit Check The on-line credit checking program verifies credit approval based on customer credit limit and aged outstanding receivable.
  • Customer Inquiry Customer inquiry displays an aged receivable summary with split-screen display of open invoices, invoice detail, month-to-date and year-to-date sales, open orders, back-orders, comments and payment history.
  • Finance Charges Finance charges can be added selectively by customer. Each state may have a different finance charge rate.
  • Multiple Company Multiple company processing and divisional accounting.
  • Integration The Accounts Receivable programs are completely integrated with general ledger, billing and sales analysis (if installed). This eliminates repetitive posting and keying errors.
  • Multiple Bank Accounts Deposits can be entered for up to 99 bank accounts for each company. Separate general ledger accounts can be used for each bank account.
  • Detailed Invoice History Detailed invoice history including invoice header, totals and line item details are saved for any specified length of time. This information may be displayed or printed for easy access to detailed invoice information.
  • Customer Messages Customer messages can be stored and printed on picking tickets, invoices or labels.
  • Company Inquiry Company inquiry displays company Accounts Receivable totals for the month, as well as summary sales, cash and adjustment totals.
  • Flexible Terms Terms are user-defined. Terms can be defined by: days to age, end-of-month, specific due date, days to discount and discount percent.
  • Statements Customer statements can be prepared easily and can be printed for selected customers by billing cycle, with appropriate messages for delinquent customers.
  • Payment Tracking Payment tracking displays number of days to pay for each invoice. Average days to pay is calculated for each customer.
  • Flexible Reports Report sorting options and selection limits are available on all reports.
  • Salesperson Commission Report The salesperson commission report provides commission information by invoice for each salesperson.
  • Direct Invoice Entry Invoices not entered in the order entry program can be entered directly into Accounts Receivable using direct invoice entry.
  • Multiple Taxing Jurisdictions Accounts Receivable master files maintain sales tax information for the state, county, and two local taxing jurisdictions for each customer. Should the ship-to location require different sales tax information, it can be changed in the ship-to master file. Sales tax information can be amended should an entire order or a line item on an order be tax-exempt.
  • Invoice Adjustments Adjustments, debits and credits to invoices can be entered directly into Accounts Receivable using direct adjustment entry.
  • Mailing Lists & Labels Mailing lists and labels can be printed based on selection criteria.
  • EDI Standards The customer master file conforms to all required Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards.
  • Monthly Sales Objectives Monthly sales objectives can be stored and used to analyze current sales against monthly objectives.
  • Cash Flow Projection Report Cash flow projections based on invoice due dates and average days to pay.
  • Global Aging Inquiry Utilizing the credit and collection inquiry program, users can view a summary aging for all customers. This aging inquiry can be sorted alphabetically, by highest balance, by oldest balance or by specific aging buckets.
  • Global Comments Inquiry Utilizing the credit and collection inquiry program, users can view credit and collection comments for all customers. This aging inquiry can be sorted by review date for follow-up activities.
  • Credit and Collection Processing A detailed credit screen is available that provides the user with detailed Accounts Receivable information for a customer. Users can view an aging summary, detailed open invoices, guarantee information, payment history and held open orders. Detailed comments can be added and flagged with review dates for follow-up and analysis. Held orders can be released or canceled, and dunning letters can be flagged for printing direct from this inquiry.