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Quantrax Corporation is proud to have pioneered the development of intelligent software for the collection industry. Although Quantrax's software is used by many collection agencies, the product can be utilized in any high volume receivables management environment. Our primary product Intelec was originally designed to overcome the weaknesses of existing data-based systems, increase the levels of automation and meet the needs of a changing collection and receivables management industry. Even though they know that it is grossly inaccurate, our competitors will make the claim that there is absolutely no difference between Quantrax's "knowledge-based" technology and traditional "data-based" systems that were designed 25 years ago.

Traditional software models make a basic assumption that you will need more people and resources as you take on more business. If your collection software was not built by Quantrax, think about the number of people you have added in the last few years. Today, the traditional model is so dominant and established that the primary method for evaluating a collection company's success is the number of people they employ. This may have been applicable when we used cards or automated the card system, but is it viable in the information age and in a period when fees have been reduced so significantly? Our model was designed to increase revenues per collector and lower operating costs by requiring less support personnel per collector. Does it work? After a 14-year track record and deployment in over 35 states and Canada we have consistently obtained gains in productivity that approach 40 and 50 percent compared to any other automated systems! If you think that is simply sales, call us and we will be glad to give you a list of our clients.